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o | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


    o | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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    Interior design and decor for & by Atelier Karasinski

    A 150 squaremeter studio apartment located at the heart of Vienna, Austria.

    This whole apartment was refurnished on our own. The kitchen was covered with new white ‘Metro’ tiles. The bathroom sink is an unique self-made designer piece, build out of an old Singer sewing machine and a marble basin from Cooke & Lewis London. Stuccowork and colors have been done additionally, wooden floor was polished professionally. Almost the whole furniture & decor is second hand or vintage, carfully collected over 8 months all over Vienna, Paris, Barcelona, San Francisco, parts of Poland & New York. We also bought some designer pieces into place like some Eames lounge chairs, a Nisse Strinning ‘String’ shelf, an Acapulco chair from mexico and some Egon Eiermann tables. Never done, still in the making.

    Text and Photography: Laura Karasinski

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Rustic Interior ©

    Rustic Interior ©

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Rock Quotes
  7. First, why you get jealous when one people with another people closer than with you, if A and B first met and after that met C. Why you care if them closer? Is not your business.
    All of us have story with everyone, have a secret too and have memories too and sometimes have love in there. Remember, everyone around you teach you about everything… Be nice with everyone and “tulus”” even “you” hate me.

  8. Leave me alone better than you stay with me if you like that~

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